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Vintage Edwardian Engagement Rings


Edwardian jewelry, typically described as the years between 1901 and 1910 (AKA the years of King Edward VII’s reign) brought to the world many beautiful jewelry trends, in particular with Edwardian engagement rings. We have a stunning collection of Edwardian engagement rings for the woman in your life that wants to have a piece of history represent her love for her fiance.


Whether you are looking through diamond engagement rings or are just browing vintage engagement rings online in general, you’ve come to the right place at Peter Suchy Jewelers. Our engagement ring categories include a wide variety of estate, vintage, and antique wedding rings like our Edwardian engagement rings so that our customers can find the unique ring that they are looking for. Whether or not your fiance-to-be has specifically mentioned this type of engagement ring before, you have a guarantee that she is going to love Edwardian engagement rings because of the stunning filigree and geometric shape these rings posses. They are bold and timeless, like your love.

Edwardian Engagement Ring