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Vintage Antique Bracelets

Throughout time, bracelets were decorative accents featuring gold, silver, string, gemstones, wood, shells or rocks. In the times of the ancient Egyptians, bracelets were part of religious worship. Wearing symbols of the pantheon was considered good luck as well as indicative of the wearer is belonging to a certain group of believers. Jewelry makers discovered early on that there is a lot of versatility when it comes to the finished look of the jewels. There are bangles, charm bracelets, beaded and link bracelets. In addition, the wear of antique bracelets brings with it the lore of the unknown; the history of the pieces is not always readily available and therefore imbues the jewels with an air of mystique.

Peter Suchy Jewelers offer a wide variety of attractive antique bracelets that beautifully accessorize any jewelry ensemble. A pink gold oval bangle with 2.55cts worth of European-cut diamonds is a gorgeous piece that underscores the dainty nature of the human wrist. A gold bangle featuring a Victorian lion offers a historic flair to the wearer’s choice of jewelry. Since this form of wearable art is the perfect aesthetic expression of beauty, the pieces can be worn alone or in conjunction with complementing jewels. Prices vary, depending on the gemstones that you choose and the setting material you desire.