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Sapphire is the stone of the ninth month of the year. Often of many brilliant colors like blue, yellow, black, pink, white, indigo and green, sapphire engagement rings have many varieties and choices. Sapphire is the water element stone so the most favoured and popular color of this gemstone is blue. Characterised by a rich azure tint, and a royal ink blue, sapphire engagement rings are very popular for those who value unique traits.

The gemstone itself is associated with intuition, wisdom, generosity, optimism, love, loyalty, independence, creativity and other unique traits. But because the gemstone is also associated with love and balance, sapphire engagement rings are highly valued as vintage engagement rings and nearly on par with the diamond engagement rings.

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom, known to heal the negative thoughts and clear spiritual confusion. Those who are spiritually inclined and want to align the planes of the body and bring lightness into their lives will prefer this heavy stone. It is a stone that encourages prosperity. That is another reason why sapphire engagement rings are in vogue. They represent the best of gifts, and indicate desire fulfilment.

Also because of the color choices available and the lack of size restrictions, sapphire engagement rings are one of the most popularly available in the variety segment.