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Vintage Antique Sapphire Rings

The sapphire has been a stone associated with royalty through the centuries. Even in recent history, the sapphire made history when a young Prince Charles put a ring with this gemstone on the finger of a young Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. It is interesting to note that the sapphire is commonly thought of as being blue. While it is true that the majority of sapphire rings currently being offered do feature blue gemstones, there are also other colors available. For example, there is the padparadscha sapphire, which refers to a stone with an orange and pink color play. This kind of gemstone generally comes from Sri Lanka and is in high demand among serious collectors.

Connoisseurs of wearable art love antique sapphire rings for the ease with which artisans have been able to combine the gemstones with setting materials and even other stones. For example, a 5.24 antique-cushion-cut sapphire displays beautifully with multiple rows of round diamonds. Then there are near-colorless sapphires that display a mere blue hue rather than a deep color. These rings generally come with platinum settings and are a favorite among collectors who also favor Art Deco design elements. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we offer these types of vintage antique sapphire rings and many more. Who knows what treasures the wearable art collector can find when digging through some of the listings?