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Our Master Jewelers have over 100 years of experience between them. They perform all levels of jewelry repair from chain soldering to one of a kind handmade jewelry making.

We offer many services seldom found these days including; Antique jewelry repair using old world hand fabrication and setting techniques as well as the replacement and repair of old cut diamonds and colored stones.

Broken diamonds and scratched colored stones are restored by our skilled craftsmen.

We are well versed in modern technology as well. Our laser services offer repairs to gold and silver without removing delicate stones or damaging delicate enamel.

We are very proud of our watch repair department as well. One of our watch makers is the former head of Tourneau watch service. We specialize in high grade watch repair such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron, Breguet as well as antique restoration.

Design Services

The most unique aspect of our design service is that we listen. Since our design success is measured by your satisfaction, we listen as hard as we can. Peter Suchy has 20 years as a bench jeweler which provides him with a unique perspective as a jewelry designer. Durability is built into every item we make. Before important designs are executed cad cam images can be produced to work out changes on paper in the design phase to insure a successful project.


Peter's experience working with Jack Newstadt, one of New England's most accomplished gemologists, as well as his education and repair background have helped him build one of the finest appraisal departments.

estate appraisals

Estate appraisals are done to determine the Fair Market Value of items for Estate distribution for the heirs of an estate and for the courts. We will work with you to do only the work actually needed. Every item is photographed and numbered for identification. Many local banks and Estate attorney's use our Estate Appraisal services because of the simple but detailed system we use. Most of all, we will help you sort out what must be included in the Estate Appraisal and what can be left out. This sorting of costume and better jewelry saves both of us time.

insurance appraisals

An insurance appraisal becomes the replacement contract between you and your insurance company. We provide enough detail to establish a solid foundation for any claim or loss. We work for our clients and their interests, not the insurance companies. Damage claims are our specialties. We will describe the amount or value lost to a diamond or damaged colored stone. In some cases we have been able to secure total replacement on damaged stones for our clients - if this is what they wanted. We work regularly with Insurance company claims departments. We are known for honest arbitrations and evaluations. Most of all, we listen to what you need and tailor your appraisal to what is right for you. We help you to sort out what should and should not be appraised which saves you time and money.

gem id

Peter has a well-equipped Gem Lab to identify most gems. The most modern of microscopes and two complete diamond color master sets enable us to accurately grade any diamond. Thirty years of education and experience has sharpened our skills. We know when to advise our client that it is in their best interest to go to the GIA or AGTA for certification. There are times when official documents can make a significant difference in the value of a stone. We will be honest enough to tell you.