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Vintage Sapphire Diamond Jewelry

If the diamond has been an object of desire for centuries, the sapphire has fascinated humanity because of its amazing blue color that simply does not find its equal anywhere else. Diamonds and sapphires have been used by artisans across the globe to form an alliance of beauty and strength. It is difficult to say which stone gets top billing. Is it the white sparkle of the diamonds that – when cut to their fullest advantage – offer so much shine that they call attention to any piece of jewelry? Is it the blue color of the sapphire that makes it so easy to lose oneself in its contemplation?

Peter Suchy Jewelers believe that this is a question best answered by the collector and connoisseur of wearable art. We have put together an inventory of the most amazing sapphire and diamond jewelry collection that must be seen to be believed. Gold filigree shows off multiple dark blue stones whereas baguette-cut diamonds show off a gemstone that is so dark that it might as well be black. Diamonds also beautifully accentuate the lighter sapphires, those that have a decidedly purplish color and the rarely seen canary yellow hues. What is your favorite diamond and sapphire combination? Check out what we have to offer and tell us!