Engagement Rings

There is something uniquely extraordinary about proposing marriage with antique diamond engagement rings in hand. Is it the fascination with the ring's past? With antique diamond engagement rings, you never know if it holds a family secret that has now passed into history? Perhaps the woman who previously wore the ring was famous, special in some other way, funny, endearing or simply beautiful. For some women, the idea of becoming engaged with a vintage ring is a definite desire. For others, once the ring is revealed, there is joy, surprise, curiosity and an eagerness to say that one word their fiancé is waiting to hear: yes! For either occasion, you can peruse vintage engagement rings online with our store. 

At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we are in the business of selling antique and heirloom jewelry, which is perfect for those looking to buy vintage engagement rings online. Whether it is a pear-shaped 1.25cts marquise-cut diamond or a diamond weighing in at 2.59cts and featuring transitional-cut baguettes, these engagement rings are exceptional. It is highly unlikely to find another ring with the same look and extensive artisanship. When she wears one of these rings, heads will turn and the odds of spotting a similar jewel on another woman’s figure are close to zero. Rings come in all sizes and suit all budgets. Give her something to commemorate the commitment of an engagement that is as unique as she is by buying your vintage engagement rings online.

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