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Ruby, the sign of fire, the element of passion, the hue of everything bright. Ruby engagement rings are special. Unlike diamond engagement rings or other vintage engagement rings, ruby engagement rings are mainly focused on the brighter and forceful qualities.

As a stone ruby is associated with enthusiastic nature, passionate expressions, devotion to a cause, courage in the face of adversities, generosity and an open happiness coupled with high energy. Ruby engagement rings are popular among people who value power and leadership, because it underscores a zealous attitude towards life.

Ruby engagement rings are chosen by the really special couples who are passionate and confident about each other. Their lives are filled with joy, spontaneity and surprises in the form of dreams and reality. Ruby as a stone calms the hyperactivity of the people and is therefore considered a balanced stone too.

The stone is chosen for its vitality and the brilliantly appealing pinkish red hue. It is a stone that gives energy, and spreads positivity. The ultra polished surface of the stone also encourages passionate behaviour and signifies the couple’s devotion to each other. The stone promotes happiness and has a healing power in the courage it gives. Ruby engagement rings are especially preferred by people who have the fire related sun signs and are outspoken and fiery in their temperament.