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Art Deco Engagement Ring

The Art Deco era peaked between 1910 and the end of the 1930s. It was the time of the underground cocktail lounge, the nouveau riche and the liberated woman who favored short skirts, short hair and long boas. The curlicue styles of the Victorian ages no longer appealed to jewelry buyers and thus Art Deco jewelry was born. Platinum jewelry was often made to combine diamonds and gemstone jewelry together with a classic yet bold look that makes the style of Art Deco jewelry stand out compared to other time periods in history. 

Elegance, classiness and repetitive geometry are the hallmarks of this style that is a favorite among shoppers of online jewelry stores. With a variety of rings, namely Art Deco engagement rings, created with delicate filigree metalwork and unconventional stone cuts, these rings are classic styles anyone would love. 

So whether or not you are searching for Art Deco engagement rings or just a stand-out piece of history for your jewelry collection, Peter Suchy Jewelers has you covered.