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Vintage Antique Diamond Rings


The diamond has forever held a special place in the heart of the serious jewelry collector, with antique diamond engagement rings standing out in memory. Whether it was a piece of the royal jewels, such as the Koh-i-Noor that became part of Queen Victoria’s crown jewels during her coronation as Empress of India, or its cousin, the Darya-ye Noor, which once served as decorative embellishment of fabled Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s throne, these antique diamond engagement rings have always been sought after.


Peter Suchy Jewelers understand that buying vintage engagement rings  online is an investment in the continued love affair with the gemstone. Most grooms-to-be carry a solitaire diamond engagement ring with them when they propose marriage. Husbands who are celebrating anniversaries are also known to purchase vintage engagement rings online as a recommitment to their love. Collectors who simply enjoy the sparkle of this wearable art know that some of the most stunning pieces feature old cuts or Art Deco style elements are shown in our antique diamond engagement rings. Peter Suchy has a little something for everyone. Discover today what sets apart vintage antique diamond rings from any other type of jewelry.