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Emerald is considered the most gloriously beautiful of the gemstones. It is the stone associated with Mercury, the messenger of gods. Usually emerald engagement rings are considered extra special even as vintage engagement rings because for long they were believed to be the protector stone for travellers.

Emerald engagement rings are extra shiny because the faults in the original gemstone are oiled until they are smooth and the ring is perfect. Emerald is the stone that represents love, romance, joy, faith, serenity, emotional healing, compassion and good memory. It is therefore very popular as emerald engagement rings.

Mostly associated with the Earth element, it is typically a brilliant shade of green but there are also other forms that vary in the shade of green from light to dark and dusty to clear. As emerald engagement rings are in high demand, there was also another curious property noticed by many people across centuries. When subjected to heat, emerald sweats. This property of the rare gemstone has forever fascinated many gemstone collectors, jewelry makers, and other enthusiasts. Emerald engagement rings and diamond engagement rings are always the top favorites when special occasions are considered.

Famous for its healing properties emerald is also known to give a feeling of domestic bliss and enhances love. The feeling of unity pervades and a friendship develops. Therefore this stone is very much preferred for this purpose.