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Vintage Necklaces & Pendants

The earliest pendants were little more than stones with holes that could be worn around the neck with the help of strong vines. Over the course of the centuries, pendants became status symbols, signs of royalty and symbols of religious faith. Necklaces would hold them in place to ensure that they did not get lost. Some wearers began ascribing magical powers to this jewelry. The amulet is a perfect example of a jewel that not only looks attractive but also might ward off evil, protect during certain times in life and identifies the wearer as an adherent to a certain belief. Nowadays, jewelry buyers are looking for vintage antique necklaces and pendants to make a fashion statement.

The size of the pendant is frequently pronounced. The quality of the necklace is usually exquisite. It is a common mistake to believe that the necklace plays a secondary role in this ensemble. Rather, its design and look directly supports the appearance and impression of the pendant that it holds. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we carry a wide variety of gorgeous antique pendants and corresponding necklaces. Whether it is an antique Victorian bloodstone, an intricate setting that holds a sizable emerald or a gorgeous Victorian Etruscan revival gold cross, the choices are endless. Since the pendant frequently serves as the centerpiece of the jewelry wardrobe, it pays to spend a bit of time on selecting just the right one.