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Vintage Sapphire Diamond Rings

Is it time to propose marriage? Do you need a ring that not only bespeaks your love and commitment but also astounds her in the process? Are you tired of the typical diamond engagement rings that seem to be so prevalent these days? The sapphire has a proud history of being a gemstone of choice when it comes to symbolizing loyalty. Lady Diana Spencer herself received a sapphire in the form of her famous engagement ring that also adorned the finger of daughter-in-law Kate Middleton. Then, there is the added bonus that a high-carat center stone is still less expensive than a diamond of a similar size.

Peter Suchy Jewelers offer a large assortment of vintage sapphire and diamond engagement rings. Pick a deep blue stone or opt for a pink or nearly colorless version. In addition to offering her a ring that is certain to be unique and not seen on other brides’ fingers, there is also the lure of the history that is attached to these rings. Who wore this particular piece before she did? Who owned it? Plenty of jewels have been owned by Hollywood stars and royalty. Could she be receiving a ring that previously ornamented the finger of a princess or queen?