Picking up where decades of watch making have taken us, Suchy watches are examples of wearable art that combine good looks with functionality. Without compromising the latest advances in timekeeping technology, Peter Suchy has nevertheless succeeded in presenting exteriors that are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. Cases in point are the unisex designs that merge stainless steel with ceramic for a mid-sized chronometer worn by men or women. These kinds of sporty watches are suitable for daily and occasional wear.

Of course, there are also the distinctly masculine or feminine watches. They highlight the wearer’s movements, attitude and wardrobe choices. Completely appropriate for the boardroom or the game room, these watches are chic in all situations. For the diver, there are watches that are useful even underwater. A Suchy watch is an example of fine quality that keeps time to the second and does not disappoint. With so many styles available, there is something for everyone. There is the rubber strap watch with the oversized face for the traditionalist or the black steel watch with the orange strap for the wearer given to avant-gardism. What do you want to wear on your wrist? Check out the watches by Peter Suchy Jewelers to find your style.

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