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There is something so special about the 1920s and the years that brought us the style known as art deco. This style, featuring many different archetypes like chevron, arcs, sunbursts, and filigree metal work define art deco jewelry and all of it’s splendor. If you are a fan of art deco jewelry as well, you’ll love the art deco engagement rings we have available as well. 

The main feature of art deco engagement rings  are the filigree metal work that makes them look so delicate, as well as the unique shapes/peaks that those rings can take. Many of these art deco engagement rings also have gemstones for their center stone, making them more unique than other engagement rings.

Art deco jewelry is also defined for it’s bold choices, like large pendant pieces in stunning gemstones of sapphire and amethyst. This type of jewelry is perfect for those that love a little flair and history in their life